Chameleon Boy
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Reep Daggle joined the Legion of Super-Heroes as 'Chameleon Boy' at the same time as Invisible Kid and Colossal Boy. They were the sixth, seventh and eighth members.

Because of his native Durlan ability to change his shape into anything he had once seen, Cham (as he was usually known) was made permanent leader of the Legion's Espionage Squad, who investigated matters where some manner of secrecy and detective skills were needed. Cham demonstrated a knack for detection on many occasions.

Cham had brief romantic flings with Princess Elwinda of Nadir, and with her lookalike, Janice Warren, but no long-term lasting relationships.

Durla was a pariah world, where few people came and the natives rarely left. One of those who did leave was Cham's father, Ren Daggle, so Cham had been raised by his aunt, Ji Daggle. When Cham, in turn, left Durla, it took him some years to discover that his father, Ren, was none other than the - apparently human - wealthy industrialist, RJ Brande, who had bankrolled the Legion in its early days. Brande had lost his ability to change shape, and was frozen in human form.

After the Dominators secretly took over Earth and dissolved the Legion, Cham was one of the first to try and bring the Legionnaires back together to start again. He became joint leader of the fledgling new Legion along with Rokk Krinn, aka Cosmic Boy.

As the Dominator hold on Earth was loosened, the secret 'SW6 batch' of Legionnaires was released from Dominator laboratories. After the destruction of Earth and the creation of 'New Earth' by the surviving Earth cities, the SW6 Legionnaires took the role of protectors of New Earth, and Cham left the older team to act as a mentor for the younger team, adopting the abbreviated codename 'Chameleon'.

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Five Years Later (LSH vol 4/Legionnaires vol 1 #1-18)

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