Characters from the planet Durla, any era or universe.


Famous Natives: Rene Jacques Brande (Ren Daggle, father of Chameleon Boy); Chameleon Boy/ Chameleon (Reep Daggle, son of R. J. Brande); Chameleon Kid (Toog Lintens); Yera (wife of Colossal Boy).

Native Abilities: Shape-shifting

History: Having survived a devastating nuclear holocaust on their world 3200 years ago, the shape-changing natives of Durla have adapted to their brutal surroundings. The Durlans now live in tribes, each typically taking a unique form so as to distinguish its members from those of another tribe. The nomadic people are very independent and competitive, often fighting with other tribes. Durla is an extremely xenophobic world, not trusting, and feared by, non-Durlans. Few have left the planet and found success in other areas of the galaxy.

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