Calorie Queen


  • Real name: Taryn Loy
  • Alias: Calorie Queen 
  • Identity: Public
  • Alignment: Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Affiliations: Legion of Super-Rejects
  • First appearance: Superboy #212 (Oct 1975)
  • Universe: Pre-Zero Hour
  • Alternate versions: None


From early childhood, Taryn Loy was pushed into becoming a chronic overachiever. She was always trying to outdo others, academically and physically. When her father, a brilliant Bismollian scientist, discovered a way to alter Bismollian physiology so that caloric energy would be processed into super strength, his daughter became his first test subject. The experiment succeeded - in addition to the usual Bismollian matter-eating powers, she now possessed super strength. Confident in her new abilities, she tried out for an honour she had yet to achieve - membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Because of her power's similarity to that of existing member Matter-Eater Lad, however, she was rejected.

She joined up with other rejected potential candidates for membership as part of the Legion of Super-Rejects. Returning with the others to the Legion Headquarters they threw the gauntlet down to battle and prove their superiority to their counterparts. While Taryn proved a dangerous opponent, her counterpart managed to defeat her, and all the other Super-Rejects failed similarly. Taryn dropped her Calorie Queen identity and returned to Bismoll.

Five-year gap

Much later, Calorie Queen worked with her sometime Legion rival, Matter-Eater Lad. Taryn had never gone to the bad, as some of the other Super-Rejects had. She was still an ambitious young woman, and set her eyes on a political career on Bismoll.

Other Versions

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