• Real name: Timothy Zanetti
  • Identity: Secret
  • Alignment: Good
  • Affiliation United States Army
  • Universe: New Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Status Citizenship: American
  • First appearance: Breach #1 (Mar 2005)
  • Last appearance: Countdown: Arena #4 (Feb 2008)


Major Timothy Zanetti was working for "Project Otherside," a secret sub-Arctic nuclear reactor where scientists are probing other dimensions. In an accident at the facility, Zanetti is caught in a dimensional rift and afterwards is found in a coma with his body forever changed. His body is placed in an isolation chamber for the next twenty years, at which point he awakens. His body has become a conductor for a mysterious and deadly energy, able to "melt" biological substances only with a touch, and so he has to be dampened with a special containment suit. Left behind while Zanetti is comatose and presumed dead, are his wife Helen and son Tate.

Like Captain Atom before him, Zanetti wakes years after the experiment which transformed him. He discovers that his former colleague, Major Mac McClellan, has taken his place in his former family, marrying Helen, and has risen in the military to the rank of General. For some still unknown reasons he decides to tell Zanetti that his family had died the very moment he came to contact with the rift. MacClellan plans to use Zanetti, now dubbed "Breach" as a tool against invasion by the race of transdimensional creatures called the Rifters.