Bolt Blue Devil 6 RT

◾Real Name:

Larry Bolatinsky


Killer Elite, Suicide Squad, Injustice League, Secret Society











◾First appearance:

Blue Devil #6 (November, 1984)

◾Appearance of Death:

Terror Titans #3 (February, 2009)


Former special effects artist Larry Bolatinsky became an assassin and criminal for-hire after designing a suit giving him the ability to teleport and fire energy blasts, calling himself Bolt. He has been a member of the Suicide Squad, Killer Elite, The Society and the Injustice League. He would later be killed by his son, Terry Bolatinsky, who took up his supervillain legacy underneath the name "Dreadbolt" as a member of the Terror Titans. Clock King required that Terry kill his father as a rite of passage, and Terry teleported Bolt halfway through a wall.

Other Versions

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