Big Sir
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◾Real Name:

Dufus P. Ratchet


Suicide Squad; formerly Justice League Antarctica, Injustice Gang











◾First appearance:

Flash #338 (October, 1984)

◾Appearance of Death:

Suicide Squad Vol 2 #1 (November, 2001)


Born Dufus P. Ratchet, he has a malformed brain gland that caused him to grow to incredible proportions but left him mentally retarded. He was later abducted from his mental hospital home by a group of supervillains who equipped him with a high-tech suit of armor created by the Monitor. This suit was heavily armored, could fly, and included a powerful energy mace. However it also telepathically made him susceptible to suggestion. Big Sir has been used as a henchman or minion by all manner of supervillains throughout his career.

Big Sir and his friends attempted to learn the French language but this ended badly because the Justice League Europe ended up being in the same class. Big Sir and Major Disaster by themselves broke the bank at the unofficial Club Justice League, leading, quite naturally, to much chaos and confusion. The Injustice Gang even once became Justice League Antarctica. There, Big Sir encountered flesh-eating penguins and had his life saved by the canine Green Lantern, G'Nort.

After the fiasco with the JLA, he was fired by Maxwell Lord with full benefits and a month's pay, along with all his friends. This measure of respect prompted a visit to Max in Justice League Of America #53, the first part of the Breakdowns crossover. Max was in the hospital after a brutal assassination attempt. There, Big Sir accidentally injured four police officers when he simply wanted to remove their guns. This, combined with a panicking nurse, caused the room to be surrounded by police, who believed Max was in danger. The Martian Manhunter used his invisibility to spy on the group and thus he decided to leave them there, as he believed they would make perfect bodyguards.

Big Sir later joined the Suicide Squad in return for a pardon, where he was killed in action on a small island that had been over-run by flesh-eating ants.

Other Versions

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