Betty Clawman
Betty NIX thumb


  • Real name: Elizabeth Clawman
  • Alias: Betty Clawman
  • Identity: Public Identity
  • Alignment: Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Family: none known
  • Affiliation: New Guardians
  • First appearance: Millennium #2 (Jan 1988)


The Guardian Herupa Hando Hu and the Zamaron Nadia Safir came to earth to find ten people to propel earth into the new millennium. The only problem is the were very bitter about how they were treated after the Guardians abandoned them when they formed the Green Lantern Corps. The Manhunters lay in wait for centuries waiting for this moment - they had sleeper agents all over the universe including earth and they did everything they could to stop Herupa and Nadia from fulfilling their duty.

Betty Clawman was the first to be visited by Herupa and Nadia. Just like all of the chosen Herupa and Nadia told her in her own language that “We have chosen ten people on earth to advance the human race, and one of the ten is you! The heroes and heroines of earth join us in asking you to leave this life and enter the future.” Betty is an aborigine and had know they were coming because she saw them in her dream time and she was ready to join them.

She would eventually get powers and become a member of the New Guardians.