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Eddie Whit's parents were a circus strongman and acrobat, and after they die, he becomes a juvenile delinquent. Eddie is sent to Lacklock Camp, a reform school of sorts. After being released, he gains custody of his younger brother Danny and takes a job at Zenith Caterer. The owner of Zenith, Krasko, claims he has proof that Danny is involved in gang-related crimes, and blackmails Eddie into committing burglaries under the costumed guise of the Ant. The Teen Titans are sent in to investigate, and when they learn the details of Eddie's situation they are sympathetic. During a robbery Ant turns against Krasko and helps the Teen Titans put him behind bars. As a reward for his cooperation, the Titans promise Ant that he will not serve a prison sentence, but will only have to spend some more time in Lacklock Camp.

Other Versions

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