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  • Real Name: Amazo
  • Alias: Amazo, Professor Ivo's Amazing Android, Timazo, Humazo, Hourmazo
  • Identity: Public Identity
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: None, Eyes: Red
  • Occupation: Android
  • First appearance: Brave and the Bold #30 (July, 1960) 


Credited as being the world's first official android, Amazo was created by the immortal, evil mastermind Professor Ivo. Utilizing superior "absorption cell" technology, Amazo can replicate the super powers of any metahuman he encounters. And so, Amazo became one of the most dangerous menaces to originally oppose the Justice League of America. While initially programmed to serve the agenda of his creator - to find any means to prolong Ivo's immortality, Amazo had outgrown his original agenda.

Taking on the Justice League of America, Amazo has several heroic enemies. For a time, he was imprisoned in an airtight chamber within The Fortress of Solitude, after challenging Superman. However, he eventually escaped that prison, and resumed his rivalry with the JLA, as well as the Justice Legion A's Hourman. A cybernetic hero from the 853rd century, Hourman's presence made Amazo resentful and bitter. But while Hourman - who later joined the new JSA, then departed to his original time period, is no longer Amazo's primary foe, Superman and the rest of the Justice League were still present to pose a continual problem for Amazo. While his programming and own sentience have displayed no intent on world conquest, Amazo exists as a monster of sorts, whose very being is a hazard to all of humanity.


The Nail


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