Agent Doom Patrol 49 BB

  • Real Name Malcom
  • Identity Public
  • Alignment Bad
  • Affiliation Brotherhood of Dada
  • Gender Male
  • Hair Black
  • First appearance Doom Patrol vol 2 #49
  • Last Appearance Doom Patrol vol 2 #52


Agent ! is a member of the second Brotherhood of Dada and an enemy of the Doom Patrol. He has the special ability to be unsurprising. Agent !'s goal in life is to find the element of surprise. Even though he wears an outlandish costume, nobody is ever surprised that he is there, which allows him to do ridiculous and illegal things. He can sneak up on anybody because they don't find it surprising that a man with an exclamation point on his head and a mini-bird cage housing a jet-plane with bird legs for a torso is walking towards them. Agent ! helped free Mr. Nobody from the Painting that Ate Paris. He participated in Mr. Nobody's campaign for president. Agent ! was killed by John Dandy and his government agents along with the rest of the Brotherhood of Dada. After he was shot down, the jet plane escaped from his chest, severely surprising the agents. In his dying moments, Agent ! realized that he had had the element of surprise all along.